Privacy Policy DriMinder

This policy tells you, which of your personal data is stored and/or processed when using DriMinder.

In case of DriMinder there is only less to explain because this App, especially in version 1.x, does not collect store and process any of your personal data. This may change for upcoming versions. The policy will be updated then in an appropriate way.

DriMinder helps you to take care about your daily behaviour drinking water. The only date that is stored by DriMinder (and only on your Phone) is the amount of water you entered. Thats it. There is also no history that will be stored of days, month or years.

It is up to you to delete this data. You also can delete the App whenever you feel to do so.

If you have additional question regarding this policy feel free to contact me. Just send me an e-mail to the following address: service {at}

BTW: This page does not collect and process any of your data as well.